FDL is a Slovenian based all-breed club for everyone with love of cats.  

Our goal is to promote the welfare, education, knowledge and interest in all domesticated, purebred and non-purebred cats, to breeders, owners, exhibitors of cats and the general public.   

We are the member of ZFDS - Zveza felinoloskih drustev Slovenije, which is the SLOVENIAN member of FIFe -Fédération Internationale Féline.

First pedigree cats - mostly persians - started to appear in Slovenia in the beginning of 1980s. The number of owners and breeders was constantly increasing. From primary "Felinolosko drustvo Slovenia" more feline clubs were registered which covered owners' and breeders' needs for all individual fields in Slovenia.

Felinolosko drustvo Ljubljana (FDL) was established in the year 1987. It unites breeders and fanciers of pedigree cats in Ljubljana and other parts in Slovenia as well.

Felinolosko drustvo Ljubljana is a member of Zveza Felinoloskih drustev Slovenija - ZFDS which belongs to the international family of breeders and cat fanciers: Fédération Internationale Féline - FIFe.